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Distracted Driving in Colorado

Schiller Insurance invite our neighbors in Montrose and Gunnison to Take the Pledge—together, we can keep each other safe on the road

In recent years, nearly 25% of auto accidents were caused by distracted drivers and the number continues to rise.  Schiller Insurance hopes that by spreading the word and educating our communities, we can reverse the trend.

It's no secret that car owners face a variety of risks that are out of their control, whether it be a fire, landslide, or dangerous patches of ice camouflaged by the road.  There are, however, many dangers that are avoidable given responsible driving habits and the conscious decision to keep roads throughout Colorado safe places to drive.  By working together, we can all create an environment comfortable to drive in.

The prevalence of mobile devices in recent years have proven a temptation for every driver.  Whether sending or reading a text message, changing a song, or dialing a number, these otherwise simple tasks can be detrimental to you and the drivers around you.  These tasks can take your eyes off of the road for an average of nearly 5 seconds and while that seems like a short period of time, it's long enough for your car to cover the distance of a football field at just 55mph.

Most importantly, texting while driving is illegal in the state of Colorado.  Fines will be given and if a bad habit is unbroken, these payments can stack up.

Teen Drivers and Distractions

Distracted driving is especially risky for our young drivers around Montrose, Gunnison, and throughout Colorado.  Using a mobile device while driving is especially tempting, but far more dangerous for a driver just starting out.  Schiller Insurance strongly encourages our local teen drivers to develop sound driving habits early on, so that you will have a strong defense for your entire driving career.

For information on teen driving in Colorado, check out the resources below:

Take the Pledge Colorado

To solidify your dedication to keeping our roads safe, Schiller Insurance invites you to Take the Pledge.  Below, a contract courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is provided to download.  Discuss the best steps you, your family, and your close friends can take to minimize distraction in your car.


   Take the Pledge Colorado   


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Good driving habits are the most important part of keeping you safe on the road.  Reliable auto insurance is also an important aspect of your driving.  If you are currently shopping for car insurance, request a quote today to begin the discussion on how to best insure you.