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Providing Excellent Insurance Solutions in Montrose, CO for over Sixty Years


At Schiller Insurance we deliver insurance and risk management solutions to individuals and businesses.  Our founder, Bob Schiller, began insuring residents of and commercial enterprises in Montrose and other areas in Colorado in 1951.  He founded his approach on principles of honesty, industriousness, and thoroughness.  He looked out for the best interests of every client and made sure that he found each client the best possible deal while keeping the client secure.  Bob’s business flourished as a result and became Schiller Insurance.  


We embody the spirit of our founder and exemplify his finest qualities.  Our approach is the same as Bob’s; we’re honest, industrious, and thorough.  We act in our clients’ best interests and give clients the greatest protection for the most appropriate costs.   


Our Services in Montrose


We offer a variety of personal and commercial insurance programs, which include home, auto, and life on the personal side and general business, farm, and real estate on the commercial side.  Each program contains coverage options from different carriers.  These carriers help ensure that our coverages are diverse and our coverage plans flexible.  We take advantage of the diversity and flexibility of our plans to create the best solutions for our clients.  


Our approach is to understand all of our clients’ needs and to adhere to their budgets.  Doing these things helps us create polices that are optimal and that represent the best value for clients.  We consult one-on-one with clients and get to know their goals well.  We educate clients as well, and this ensures that clients know what they’re getting for their insurance investment and enables them to make the best possible decisions about their insurance in the future.


Our products and services are geared towards matching budgets and keeping individuals and businesses completely secure if something unexpected happens.  These products and services are also meant to help reduce risks and overall costs over time.  


There are a lot of factors that influence insurance, and some of these factors pertain to everyone who owns an insurance policy. Other factors pertain to only a few people.  For this reason and others, it is important that each policy be tailored to the policyholder.  We don’t produce one-size-fits-all policies; we produce completely unique policies that reflect each policyholder’s individual needs.


Client-Agent Relationships


We consult with clients and work with them to find the right solutions.  We keep clients informed and enable them to make the best possible decisions about their insurance.  This increases the value of clients’ investments and helps clients stay financially secure.


We do more than insure, however; we help reduce exposures and support clients.  We manage risk by helping clients employ best practices, which helps reduce exposures and decreases the likelihood that exposures translate into damages.  We manage claims by advocating for clients and by helping clients achieve suitable resolutions, if and when claims are filed.  


We’re available when needed and are transparent with clients.


Our Solutions


We understand that not every client can have comprehensive insurance and eliminate all coverage gaps.  However, we endeavor to help each client come as close as possible to having comprehensive insurance.  To do this we find the right mix of coverage and cost and adapt coverage plans to clients’ individual needs.  This helps ensure that clients get the most for their insurance investments and stay as protected as possible.  


We review polices annually and stay in touch regularly with clients.  This way, clients know if they need to make changes to their coverage and can communicate with us easily.  


To learn more, please contact us or give us a call.  You can also request a quote to find out some of the details about a policy.  


Schiller Insurance is proud to provide personal and commercial insurance solutions in Montrose, Delta, Gunnison, Ridgway, Hotchkiss, and Cedaredge, CO.  We also serve other areas in the state and we serve Utah as well.