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Home Insurance

At the center of your world is your home, once of your most significant investments. If something caused damage to your property, you need a reliable insurance agency right by your side. At Schiller Insurance, we help property owners find a home insurance policy that meets their needs for coverages and budget allocation. No matter what kind of home you have in Colorado, you'll have peacefulness, realizing that a good home insurance policy has you and your home covered.

Home Insurance in Colorado

A policy for home insurance in any state is customizable, just like any other type of policy. However, here is a basic overview of what would be included in your plan.

  • Home Protection- Often referred to as dwelling coverage, it would pay for either damage to fix or rebuild a home.
  • Liability Coverage- If someone were injured on your property, it would cover expenses if you had a lawsuit.
  • Assets or Belongings- Not only is the home itself valuable, but you also have furniture, clothing items, or expensive electronics. If you have specialty items like antique artwork or jewelry, it would be a good idea to talk about coverage options with us.
  • Temporary Living Solution- If your property is unlivable as a result of damage, a home insurance policy will pay for a place to live while the home is rebuilt.

Protect Your Investment

It is recommended for any homeowner to have a general idea of all their possessions. This information will be helpful when working with our team to design your policy. As a trusted insurance agency, Schiller Insurance works will all our clients view each one uniquely. No one family is alike, and neither is their home. For all your home insurance policy needs in Colorado, give us a call so we can help get you started in the right direction.