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Our Schiller History

granddadFounder Robert “Bob” Schiller established Schiller Insurance in 1951.

In early 1951 Bob Schiller was a newly married, 25 year old furnace salesman here on the western slope when he was approached with the idea of selling insurance. It all started while Bob was playing a card game he loved to play called Pinochle. One of the players at the table was a good friend of his and also a successful insurance agent. The friend was well aware of Bob’s ability to sell furnaces and mentioned to him the idea of selling insurance. Always difficult to convince, Bob’s reply was, "Well, I don't know anything about insurance, how could I sell it?"

After further conversation and convincing, he decided he'd give it a try and started off on a smaller scale selling only health insurance policies for $10 a year in the surrounding areas of Montrose. His first day he sold between 40-50 policies and needless to say, he was hooked from that day forward. Since the first day of selling insurance was so successful he said, "Seems easy enough" and dropped the furnace business and devoted all his energies to learning insurance.

For the first few years he was able to sell insurance from his home, until the business had out grown the family home on Brown road and was moved to 6 North Junction Avenue where it still operates today! Over time, the office grew and expansions were made until it occupied all three buildings on Junction Ave.

In 1984 Bob's son, Cody, came to work at the agency. Cody's expertise was life insurance in his early years and he made a good living with that by going door to door in Montrose. During the course of Cody's 30 years with the agency, he helped it grow and expand by unbelievable measures. In fact, we can credit Cody with convincing Bob to buy the agency's first computer! Also during his time, Schiller Insurance was able to grow to over 1 million in written premium with two different carriers. This is a feat that few have been able to accomplish on Colorado's Western Slope.

Unlike most other agencies on the entire Western Slope, Schiller Insurance has never been sold to other agencies or large conglomerates. It truly has been and still is, family owned and operated. We are very proud of our rich history and will continue to carve out our legacy for years to come.